🎉Limited Registration is NOW OPEN🎉

Limited Registration 🎉NOW OPEN🎉

The only course you need to start learning Japanese!

This course is perfect if you...

✅Know Nothing About Japanese Language:

  • Perfect for absolute beginners with no prior knowledge of Japanese.
  • Step-by-step lessons to build a strong foundation from scratch.

✅Don’t Know Where to Start:

  • Guided learning for those feeling overwhelmed or unsure about where to begin.
  • Clear, structured lessons to ease you into the world of Japanese language and culture.

✅Want to Travel or live in Japan in the future:

  • Gain necessary skills to be able to read or understand Japanese while staying in Japan.
  • Understanding Hiragana, Katakana and kanji is necessary for your memorable trip.

✅Are interested in Japanese culture:

  • This is a gateway to the deeper understanding of Japanese culture. Understand the culture by understanding its language.

What is included?

Special Bonus!

Message from Nana

Hi, Nana here!

I’m really happy that you found this Japanese crash course 1 because this is the most effective course for you to start your Japanese language journey!

I spent so much time and effort creating this course in order to offer you the thorough and complete guide to show you how fun it can be to learn Japanese with me. 

Are you interested in Japanese culture? Are you a big fan of anime? Maybe you are dreaming of travelling or living in Japan in the future?

This is the right place for you to make your dream come true!    I will make sure to communicate with each one of you so that you can learn faster with confidence!

This course will change your life. If you want to see yourself speaking Japanese fluently in the future, I definetly recommend to start learning with me. See you soon!